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Mission Statement

Photo of Growing Years preschoolers puting on a puppet show at your Methuen Massachusetts preschool

The aims of our program are to teach and develop each child as fully as possible in their socio-educational development. We strive to provide a totally individualized program. Each child will be able to progress at a comfortable rate without pressure.

As a staff we will create a positive work environment that we all work together as a team with one common goal. We will strive to have each child make new friends, get along with others, gain self confidence, and develop educational and motor skills along with learning to love and grow.

Our aim is to assist each child’s transition from home to preschool as comfortable as possible and support and develop family relationships.

Our Story

In 1978 we decided that the Merrimack Valley needed a special type of preschool. Locating the appropriate facility and developing a loving, caring, and qualified staff that would implement a family atmosphere was a high priority.

With backgrounds in early childhood education and Sociology, we set out to create high standards to develop a specialized curriculum that is based on thematic units and quality learning centers.

In the past couple of years our daughters, Stephanie and Mallary have joined our staff. They have continued with our philosophy that we want each child to make new friends, learn to get along with others, develop educational and motor skill and learn to grow.

Today, as our program has grown to 14 staff members. We have seen many parents who attended our program in the past now sending their own child to enjoy Growing Years. Hearing the memories of our school from when they attended has brought a great sense of pride in what our program has meant to others and how we have touched their lives.