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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Photo of a little girl in our pre-kindergarten class in Methuen Massachusetts.

Growing Years’ Pre-kindergarten Program (4-year-olds) in Methuen, Massachusetts is a fully developmental program enabling your child to advance socially, emotionally, and creatively at their own pace.

Activities are selected to encourage your child to think, to communicate, to participate, and to grow in a semi-structured comfortable loving atmosphere.

In our program, we incorporate monthly theme units that introduce new vocabulary and skill-building. Small group centers, along with our art, music, and storytime, are used to enhance our themes that are developed each week.

The following is a group of goals that your child will be developing for the year to prepare them for kindergarten:

Social / Emotional

  • Encourage sharing and including other children
  • Encourage expression of feelings
  • Consistency with limit-setting
  • Provide opportunities for experiencing success


  • To develop the ability to choose an activity and work on it for an appropriate length of time
  • Be able to recognize basic shapes, colors, and math concepts
  • Recognize, write, and use phonic sounds for letters and beginning reading concepts
  • Recognition, counting, and writing of numbers
  • Develop memory skills and increase reading level


  • To provide activities and material conducive to fine motor control (i.e. cutting, ripping, tracing)
  • Encourage independence (buttoning, dressing and doing things for self)
  • To feel comfortable with their bodies. Explore running, climbing, jumping and other movement skills.

*** There are monthly newsletters as well as email updates on the program along with progress reports that are distributed 3 times per year.