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Toddler Program

Photo of little girl in our Methuen Massachusetts toddler program.

In our Toddler Program (15-month-olds) we will inspire the child to examine, create and share as he/she broadens their language through interactions with teachers and classmates in a safe, nurturing environment. Sensory and repetitive activities transform these new experiences into knowledge.

Some skills we will be developing with your toddler:


  • Encouragement to identify common objects and speak in 3- to 5-word sentences
  • Express their emotions in healthy and safe ways
  • Learn the concepts of group play
  • Learn sharing and friendships
  • Introduce personal hygiene and dressing skills


  • Understand problem-solving
  • Incorporate music, art, and dramatic play to encourage and shape the child’s creativity and imagination
  • Identify shapes and colors
  • Counting and alphabet skills
  • Identify common objects

Motor Skills


  • Strengthen large muscle groups
  • Encourage climbing, jumping, hopping and running


  • Develop through finger paint, clay and collages

*** The staff supplies daily reports along with a monthly newsletter and email updates on the program. Progress reports are distributed 3 times each year.